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Spare Wheel - All Terrain Wagon

Spare Wheel - All Terrain Wagon

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Need a spare wheel for your All Terrain Wagon?

These are so easy to replace. Simply straighten the standard cotter pin holding the wheel on. This allows it to be removed. Once removed you can replace the wheel and re-insert the cotter pin. 

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Derrick Bell - Owner

We are a small family company in Ireland selling our Heavy Duty Pull Along Wagons since 2010.

This idea came from our Grandmother who wanted to pull her Grandkids around on an Easter Egg Hunt in a nearby field. The trolleys available just weren't up for the rough ground so we designed a wagon built for tough terrains and built to last generations

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Customer Reviews

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Victoria Yelverton
spare wheel

super quick delivery and easy wheel replacement. just removal of wheel pin and replace with new wheel. so simple.
wagon is ready again for my kids and the summer season of adventures.