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Baghera - Retro Petrol Pump for Ride On Cars

Baghera - Retro Petrol Pump for Ride On Cars

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What’s not to love about the Baghera Retro Petrol Pump. Kids will have great fun stopping to get petrol for their pedal or ride on cars with the aid of this cool accessory.

An authentic petrol station from 1 years old.

With the Baghera metal petrol pump station, your little driver will be able to put more petrol back into his car and drive on to new adventures. With its crank turns on its hose, your child will enjoy taking care of his or her car which may stall at any time! Its size provides it with excellent stability and its hose can be unhooked and hung up on its support as much as necessary.


Stimulates your child's imagination.

The Baghera petrol station is a toy that will make your child experience great adventures. Thanks to this toy, he will be able to build new stories rich in twists and turns for hours. Your little driver will invent new scenarios to accompany his car. With its charm and features bursting with realism, your little one will be driving towards ever more exciting stories.

A vintage and decorative accessory!

This beautiful toy petrol station Baghera is faithful to the old gas pumps. With its vintage look, bright red and the “ding” of its crank handle, it arouses your child’s imagination. The Baghera petrol pump station will delight young and old alike, and will bring your child’s room to life as a fabulous decorative toy.

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